This is the first exercise I made after complete the course of context and narrative, so I felt a little anxious and nervous for having to go outside and experience the uncertainty of the unknown. I basically planned a first approach to this  exercise consisting in taking photograph of the places to which I’m related: the houses and neighborhood where I used to live, trying to include some elements that connect those places to my memories.

I reflected on this idea for several days, and I had the feeling that I was going away of the original idea of the exercise, and although doing it will provide the opportunity to reflect about my identity, environment and history, it wouldn’t take me away from my comfort zone, persisting I the area where I live and where everything is familiar and well-know.

My expectations for this course are very high. I hope it will help me to break down some barriers and fears, mostly related with my shyness and introversion. This course has to take to discover unknown territories, so  it will be good that the first exercise of the course were a sort of challenge that lead me in that direction.

Just 200 meters away of where a live, and hid from the view by a barrier of tall buildings, there is a deprived area of the city, inhabited by gipsies, poor people and gangs of problematic teenagers. The area used to be a local market for drug dealers, so it’s not very recommendable to walk through that area. There are lot of abandoned houses, and some other are in very poor condition.

I took a walk for about two hours around the area; the day was cloudy and it was drizzling. The conditions where perfect to depict the mood of the area. I was concerned about how people could react in front of the presence of a guy with a bulky camera walking around their houses, but I didn’t find too many people and the few people I saw seemed to ignore me.

I would like to go deeper in that subject, and interact with the people so they bring me the opportunity to look out into their houses/lives, but I can help to think that such predatory attitude for the sake of a bunch of pictures is morally controversy.

Here is my edition of the pictures I took; I found that the abandonment is the linking theme between all of them, but I also wanted to show the contrast between the old house and the tall buildings behind of which they are hid. Some pictures are a kind of abstraction, like the one of the old newspapers to depict the evidence of the time that has gone leaving traces of the people that inhabited the place.