Japanese photographer (Kobe, 1982) who currently lives and works in Switzerland and Spain. He has been the winner of the 2013 LensCulture Exposure Awards in Portfolio modality with his Hiraki series.

He takes as a starting point in his projects the family memories and the experiences of his grandparents during World War II: elements like the bunker, the bombers or the devastation of the atomic bomb are present in his winning work.

The theme of multidentity also brings very characteristic aspects to his work, which includes Japanese cultural references such as Japanese characters or the symbol of the rising sun. His works are in a certain way installations, in which the artist intervenes painting directly on the photograph.

In the interview published for PhotoParley he mentions that his method of preparing a new photographic project includes previous drafts and sketches that help him to visualize the work and anticipate the editing process in which the artist tries to find a balance between landscapes, portraits and still life pictures.