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June 2017

Research Point 1

“Through photography, quotidian matter is give a visual charge and imaginative possibility beyond its everyday function”. This paragraph from the chapter 4 “Something and Nothing” of the book “The Photograph as Contemporary Art” summarizes perfectly the strategy of using ordinary objects in a photography project. Continue reading “Research Point 1”

Ruth Matilda Anderson

One sunny morning in August 1924, the researcher of the Hispanic Society of New York Ruth Matilda Anderson landed in the port of Vigo, along with his father. At this very moment a carefully designed adventure began to take shape. Continue reading “Ruth Matilda Anderson”

Absence and signs of life – Reflection

“..if a stranger sought out in a good season the people and places described here they would probably seem clearly similar to their pictures, and the stranger would asume that the pictures mirrored real life. It would be marvellous if this were the case, if the place itself, and not merely the pictures, where the work of art” Continue reading “Absence and signs of life – Reflection”

Lewis Baltz

Notes from the exhibition of the American photographer Lewis Baltz held in the Fundación Mapfre (Madrid) from 9thFebruary to 6th June, 2017, curated by Urs Stahel. This is the first exhibition in Spain of his work, as well as the first international retrospective that takes place after his death in 2014.  Continue reading “Lewis Baltz”

Alberte A.Pereira: Fragmentos

A couple of weeks ago I attended to Alberte A.Pereira’s exhibition “Fragmentos” held by DinamoCoworking, where I came across with this Spanish street photographer, who skilfully manages the concept of presence/ausence on his body of work. Continue reading “Alberte A.Pereira: Fragmentos”

Post-Photography – The Artist with a Camera

A complete vision of the contemporary practice of photography, the book offers a view organized in five themes that not necessary have a correspondence with the traditional photographic genres, but shows a good representation of the way photography is used nowadays for several artist. Continue reading “Post-Photography – The Artist with a Camera”

Assignment 4: Image and Text

Throughout history, man has questioned the reason for his existence, seeking an explanation for countless unanswered questions and trying to decipher puzzling paradoxes that were beyond the reach of his understanding. The desire for knowledge, to explore the unknown and have all the answers under control, is in the DNA of the human being, forming an intrinsic part of his identity, which lead him to seek these answers in art, religion, philosophy and science. Continue reading “Assignment 4: Image and Text”

Photography: The Key Concepts

Basic text for an in-depth analysis of the different aspects of photographic practice. The approach is not as pragmatic as in Liz Wells’s text, here the texts are a bit more abstract than in the Well’s book, but it is a great help to establish the key elements of any photographic genre. Continue reading “Photography: The Key Concepts”

Photography: A Critical Introduction

This book covers a wide range of topics related with Photography from different perspectives: cultural, political, anthropological… The book is a compendium of six essays written by different authors (Liz Wells, Derrick Price, Patricia Holland, Michelle Henning and Anandi Ramamurthy and focusing each one in a specific questions, such documentary photography, vernacular photography, the human body, advertising and commodity photography or photography as art. Continue reading “Photography: A Critical Introduction”

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