Every day has its routines, the same actions repeated once and again, for weeks, for months, for year.. Little actions that have no more importance that sustain our lives in progress. To wake up, to shower, to have breakfast, to get dress… There is little room for improvisation and we have to do all these things according to our daily agenda.

Actions become habits after repeating them in the same way for some time; Habits are a kind of multitasking ability or automation procedure that our brains have in order to preserver attention on important things. We don’t have to put too much effort while we are washing our teeth and we can put simultaneously our thoughts in planning the next assignment, for example.

Habits drawn the landscape of our daily life, conducting our behaviours and modelling our lives. For this exercise I’ve documented some of my daily routines: starting just after I wake up and concluding with me at the office; I found this exercise so appealing that I’m considering as the basis of the next assignment… I’ll think about it while I take a shower tomorrow.


Waking up
Taking a shower
After breakfast
Dressing up
Ready to leave: keys, watch and bag
53 seconds: the elevator
Parking garage
Starting up: ready to work