Identity and Place

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The Square Mile

This is the first exercise I made after complete the course of context and narrative, so I felt a little anxious and nervous for having to go outside and experience the uncertainty of the unknown. I basically planned a first approach to this  exercise consisting in taking photograph of the places to which I’m related: the houses and neighborhood where I used to live, trying to include some elements that connect those places to my memories. Continue reading “The Square Mile”

Where Are We?

What is my relation with the place where I live? Maybe the fact that I was born in Venezuela, where my parents were emigrants, and a few years later, when I was 5,  I came to Spain, which made me feel like a kind of stranger. I didn’t adopt the Spanish nationality until I was 35 years old, so during all my childhood and adolescence I saw myself as N outsider, different from other kids and my friends. Continue reading “Where Are We?”

About Social Media Profiles

I don’t have a complete portrait published in any of the well-known social media sites that I use: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Flickr. These sites include a predefined set of questions, some mandatory and some others optional, in order to describe the identity of the user: general information, job and studies, places where you have lived, family and relationships, important events in your biography. Continue reading “About Social Media Profiles”

Introduction: Identity conflicts

Defining the identity of a person is a complex matter, because identity depends on the point of view from which the person is analyzed. I’m not talking about that information that defines unaltered the identity of the individual: name, gender, birthday, height, finger stamp, etc. They are mostly tags to describe physical attributes of the person, but they say little about the way he feels, thinks or behaves. Continue reading “Introduction: Identity conflicts”

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