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Harry Callahan

This American photographer has an interesting career, since his beginnings were practically those of an amateur practitioner who joined in the late thirties and with 26 years of age in a photography club in his workplace (Chrysler Corporation), and developed the whole of his body of work through constant experimentation. Continue reading “Harry Callahan”


Joel Sternfeld: Stranger passing

One of Sternfeld’s most interesting project and closely related to this module course is “Stranger Passing” in which the artist photographs strange people on the street, proposing them to interrupt what they are doing and prepare themselves briefly for the photo. Continue reading “Joel Sternfeld: Stranger passing”

James & other Apes

Another brief additional comment about the typologies in photography, based on a suggestion sent to me by my tutor. The work of photographer James Mollison in addition to being surprisingly fresh and visually striking, introduces a new and interesting element in portrait photography. Continue reading “James & other Apes”

Bettina von Zwehl

Following my tutor’s recommendation, I have explored the work of this German artist based in UK, who is specialized in portrait photography and explores identity issues far beyond the visual matter, because she looks for connections with the unconscious dimension not necessarily of a particular subject but as a contemporary paradigm. Continue reading “Bettina von Zwehl”

Walker Evans: The Myth of the Cave

When I have to reflecting about some of the great photographers of the history, I feel a sort a mix of vertigo and Socratic ignorance. Firstly, the work of these photographers is so huge that considering the entire set requires a historicist approach, and taking into account the influences that the photographer received in his/her artistic development. Continue reading “Walker Evans: The Myth of the Cave”

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